Monday, 5 October 2015

5th October 2015

Love: Sometimes I have to wonder whether I have a problem loving things. Well, no, actually. Yes, I do! It's called anxiety! Time after time I dwell on the worst case scenario and it makes me miserable! It's not a good way to live! :(
Life: today has been another lazy day. Other than sorting out college stuff, all I've done is watch Netflix and play Angry Birds! Oh, and make some soup for college!
College: today I did my tonal drawing which went better than I feared. Then I sorted out my folders/sketchbooks for college. Nice easy bite size chunks that have eroded what seemed like a mountain of work!
One Thing: The one thing I'm choosing today is time spent with Mia. When I get anxious and sad, like I have today, she provides brightness in my darkness. Even when, like today, she's being naughty! :)