Tuesday, 6 October 2015

6th October 2015

Love: I'm not sure what I love today. Today is better off chalked off as experience.
College: I'm not good with chaos. I like quiet and gentle. As such, college is proving to be a trial.
Life: I barely saw Mia today before I went to college and I barely saw her when I got home. After college, I went into town and visited Cass Arts who were having a 'student day', giving discounts on their already cheap stuff! Then I went to Big Love Sista for Circle supervision and cried through a lot of it. There is just too much stuff coming at me from all angles at the minute to cope with. Since John died my capability of dealing with stress has decreased dramatically. So with everything I'm doing at the minute, it's proving too much. Something will have to give.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today are the kind words of support that have come my way. From my tutors, Donna and Angela... to my friends, Clare, Patricia and Julie... they've said the right thing at the right time and it's made a big difference. I'm very lucky! xxx