Wednesday, 21 October 2015

21st October 2015

Love: for the most part, I loved college today. I don't expect it'll last so I'll just appreciate it for today.
College: So it was a 6am start today and I hadn't really slept that well because of the terrible weather through the night and my ankle hurting. So I woke up wanting to go straight back to sleep again and my anxiety was getting at me, so I really wasn't looking forward to college. But I remembered two weeks ago; the last Wednesday I'd felt the same but had actually enjoyed it. So I talked myself into going and, as I said, I enjoyed today. So I think that's a vote of confidence in college (maybe!). When I got home, I put together a collage for my contextual studies lesson in a fortnight (it's half-term next week).
Life: after getting home, I fed myself and Mia and watched Netflix (out of the corner of my eye) whilst doing my collage.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is my lecturer, Angela, who was in a real good mood today and got my morning off to a splendid start which pretty much set me up for the day then! :)