Monday, 11 January 2016

11th January 2016

Mia: Not really seen much of Mia today. She's obviously been out galavanting! However, she's now asleep in the armchair, cute as anything! :)
Life: so I woke up to the news that David Bowie had died. If you've not read my tribute to him, you can do so elsewhere in this blog and it is true that I've been grieving him today - my anger reminded me when John died and I'd look at old people for having the temerity to live longer than he did! Today I've been thinking we still have the likes of Paul McCartney in this world who's not produced anything worthwhile for decades and, yet, Bowie is gone! This world just isn't just! :( Sitting indoors mourning wasn't doing me much good though, so I went out for a walk around Liscard - just as it came onto rain! Just my luck! Bloody cold it was too!! This evening I have watched a few more episodes of Making A Murderer and lost count of the amount of times my eyes have almost popped out my head in disbelief! If this were fiction, you just wouldn't believe the way the US police have carried on! It's disgusting and makes a mockery of justice!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is listening to Bowie's music. It's a big consolation that I still have the music and the memories even though the man himself has gone. ;(