Sunday, 31 January 2016

31st January 2016

Mia: today is Mia's favourite day of the week - not! - when I give her ears and eyes a wipe. She's usually pretty patient with me but she hates it! Today was no exception! This evening, just like last night, she fell asleep at my feet. She's quite clingy in her own way and I love her for it! :)
Life: today I have done two illustration commissions - both unpaid but I see it as being more important to get my work out there and noticed than get paid for it at the moment. One was a photomontage and the other computer graphics. I have also watched a fair amount of catch-up telly today but have come to bed because I was tired. I'm not sleeping very well at the moment - my brain keeps waking up with stupid thoughts! :(
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is having my photomontage described as brilliant! :) I wasn't sure the client would like it so it was great that they did! :)