Thursday, 28 January 2016

28th January 2016

Mia: lovely day spent with Mia (off and on). She's such a sweetheart! :)
Life: today was haircut day but, instead of my usual cut, for some reason my hairdresser did a weird one on me! I wanted to exclaim "what the fuck have you done to my hair!" but instead I pretended I liked it and paid her in case I offended her feelings - as is the British way! Thankfully, it didn't look too bad when I brushed it out but it was a big disappointment as I'd been looking forward to having it done as she's usually an excellent hairdresser! :( After that, I went and did the food shopping before coming home to a late lunch - which is probably why I wasn't hungry at tea time. This evening I've done nothing but watch Amazon.
College: this morning I wrote a bit for college and did some more repeat patterns. This afternoon I did a bit of contextual studies and a brain map for my final essay. I'm struggling to think of a topic I can do just 500 words on - my ideas so far are so broad I could write a book on them! Hopefully, something will come together soon enough.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is the email I got from my graphics tutor. He was lovely, pointing me to an art collective who's sole purpose is to spread happiness and offering to have a meeting with the other graphics tutors to look at whether there's anything they can do about my funding situation (I doubt it but it's lovely of him to offer). :)