Friday, 22 January 2016

22nd January 2016

Mia: I still haven't managed to untangle a lump of Mia's fur and she's getting fed up of me trying! But she's a lot more trusting than she used to be. There's no way she would've let me make half a dozen comb throughs a year ago!
Life: today I was tempted to stay warm and snuggly in my bed but, no, I went to college only to sign the register and bugger off to the library! It's quite ridiculous! We have to turn up to every lesson to sign the register and then go and do our own thing! Heaven knows why we can't just sign the register at the beginning of the day and get on with it instead of having to keep interrupting our work flow just to sign a register and bugger off again! It's not like any of us are kids any more! I also asked whether we could phone in to say we were working from home but, no, that's not allowed either. Then, this afternoon, the computer network went down and I wasted 90 mins trying to get back into it before deciding I'd had enough and went home! When I got home, I did some more drawings of my hands and researched some designers I'm interested in. Over the weekend, I intend to start my design and, on Monday, go into college to sort out the stuff I wanted to do today!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is being amongst friends like Liz and Patricia. Having friends is a luxury I continue to appreciate. :)