Monday, 25 January 2016

25th January 2016

Mia: Caught Mia dreaming this evening. Her back leg was going like the clappers! Probably dreaming of chasing pigeons or squirrels across open fields somewhere! :)
College: although today was a day off, I went in this morning to do the stuff that I wanted to do Friday but couldn't because the network was down. Then this afternoon, I sorted out my research and this evening did more geometric patterns. I've found doodling the patterns quite therapeutic. :)
Life: from college, I went into Liverpool and caught bus to Birkenhead to buy myself a hat from the market (where I've bought my last 3 hats). I'm glad I bought that student bus pass, it's really opened up my travel options for me. Instead of driving places, I can catch the bus and sit and admire the view - much more relaxing! :)
One Thing: it's gonna be time with Mia again. I love her to pieces! She has made such a difference to my life, it's hard to fathom what life was like before and how on earth I'll cope without her!