Friday, 8 January 2016

8th January 2016

Love: I'm renaming this Mia from now on. After all, the only love I have in my life is Mia!
Life: today my life has been affected by two films I've watched. The first was a documentary about loneliness. It made me realise how daft I am not to offer my services in keeping people from being lonely - especially, as it will be of mutual benefit to my own loneliness! So I've put steps in place to rectify that. The second was a film called The Choir (starring Dustin Hoffman and Eddie Izzard) which wasn't all that special but it made me realise that I'm in danger of wasting my talent (not singing, obviously! My artistic talent) and now I ask myself how much am I prepared to invest in my talent. It's a new way of looking at my Degree for me. Since Tuesday I've been wandering what's the point in getting a Degree and wasting all that money! But now I see it is an investment in my talent. I may not value myself but I sure value my talent!
College: this morning started with buying a lottery ticket in hopes I win at least £20k to pay for my education should everything fall through financially. If I win more than that, the rest will go to the hospice or something. This afternoon I did some research and photocopied my books I borrowed. I felt really awful having to break the spine on them but there was no way of getting them flat on the scanner otherwise! :(
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is watching The Choir. For a so-so movie, it sure has made an impact on me!