Monday, 18 January 2016

18th January 2016

Mia: have had to attack Mia with the comb again today to untangle her fur, poor love! She still gave me a cuddle at the end of the day though, so I think I'm forgiven! :)
Life: I headed over to Birkenhead at 8:30 this morning to buy a bucket, bath mat and blanket. I bought a few other things as well whilst I was there, dropped them off at home and then went to Morrison's, New Brighton, to get fruit and veg before heading over to college to print out my 40 pages of research. I then went and paid my fees (so that's me commited to the end of the course! I did say yesterday, didn't I!) before coming home and having lunch. This afternoon I watched Jon Richardson on Amazon (very funny!), had my tea before going out to the Armistead for a meeting of Spirit Level to discuss plans for the 'Trans Celebration Day'.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is buying a blanket. I've been very cold in bed this past week. Hopefully, this will sort that out. So now to go and test it...