Sunday, 3 January 2016

3rd January 2016

Love: Mia is still a delight. Sadly, I missed her birthday on Friday but she doesn't seem to be holding it against me - coming for cuddles as usual. :)
Life: so a couple of days to catch up on then - New Year's Day was spent recovering, yesterday was spent driving home (along the A roads as the motorways were too stressful), and today has been spent doing laundry and watching catch-up telly. However, somewhere amongst this, I seem to have strained my neck! So I'm gonna try and get that looked at tomorrow. Oh, today I also did a collage on the Syrian refugee crisis.
One Thing: The one thing I'm choosing is being back home with Mia. She brings such joy into my life, it's gonna be a hard act to follow for anyone or anything! :)