Thursday, 7 January 2016

7th January 2016

Love: Mia.
Life: this morning started with a visit to the nurse to have my bloods done. She was a real stabber too! It hurt like hell! On the plus side, I've not been left with a huge bruise like usual. So who knows? Maybe stabbing the needle in is the way it's meant to be done! After that I drove over to Sainsburys (for a change) and did the food shopping. I shan't bother again though as they didn't have all I wanted. Then I came home for lunch before going into Liverpool to do some research and buy art materials. This evening, I treated myself to a chippy tea and watched Amazon Prime.
College: So I went to the Walker gallery on the look-out for interesting life drawings/paintings but didn't find so much. :( I then popped next door to the library to look for helpful books but didn't find any that suitable as I only have a week to spare not a month! ...I have to say that the Student Finance people have knocked me for six! Nothing is conclusive yet so I should be clinging onto hope but my mind has other ideas! I'm wondering whether this is 'the gods' testing how much I want this. Or maybe it's a sign that a degree really isn't meant for me. And what do I want one for anyway?!! Why not just put my nose to the grindstone and work!
One Thing: on a day like today when I'm depressed and bored, thank goodness I have Mia to bring light into my world! She's the only good thing in it! <3