Monday, 4 January 2016

4th January 2016

Love: I found myself gazing at Mia lovingly tonight as she slept. She doesn't half sleep in a funny position sometimes - with the top of her head resting underneath her! - it's a wonder she finds it comfortable!
Life: First thing this morning I took myself to the walk-in to see what they thought of this neck... and because I could move my head around without it hurting I was told to go away and stop wasting their time (or at least that's what it felt like!) but it still feels strained so I don't know! Just have to manage I guess! After that, I carried on into town to get a few groceries. When I got back it was near enough lunch time so I had my lunch before watching a bit of catch-up telly. This afternoon I went to see The Danish Girl which I have mixed feelings about - it's a lovely film but I don't think it gives the right impression about transsexuals. This evening, having stuffed myself on popcorn, I just had a cheese and egg muffin for tea and watched 42 - a biopic about Jackie Robinson. I'd heard of the name before but I didn't know anything about him - not even that he was black! It was a very good film - much better than The Danish Girl! Maybe one day we'll have a biopic about a Trans person that is its equal. On the downside, I wish I'd been more incredulous at the racism in the film but, even 70 years on, it's far too easy to imagine it as things really haven't moved on of any great depth. It's all surface as far as I'm aware!
College: so the Christmas break is over - back to college tomorrow. I can't really say I'm looking to it. :(
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is tidying up my lounge. It needed doing - especially with college starting tomorrow! - and it was a wonder what long lost items I found buried under it all!