Thursday, 21 January 2016

21st January 2016

Mia: I really didn't see much of Mia this morning because I left the house at 7:30am. However, on returning home at 11pm, I was touched to see her running towards me along the drive. I should've known better though because, once inside, it was clear all she wanted was food!
Life: so today was my appointment at CX GIC. I arrived in London about 11am and went over to Hyde Park to eat my sarnies al fresco, when suddenly the horse guards came parading by! :) After that, I headed over to Hammersmith for my appointment. I'd decided at Christmas - and long before that really, if truth be told - that I was gonna say "thanks but no thanks" to surgery but I was a bit nervous about how they'd react to that. As it happens, Dr Lorimer couldn't have been nicer! :) I guess from his perspective it's one less patient to see and less money for the NHS to shell out. But, still, it was nice of him to be so gracious about it. :) So he got me to choose which reason to put on my discharge slip (I chose "treatment compete") and discharged me. And that was that. From there I headed over to Tate Modern and as I was walking over Blackfriars bridge, I suddenly thought "but what about BA?!!" but, no, it'd still mean placing myself on the operating table which I know in my heart just isn't gonna happen. Anyway, I had a look in the galleries on Floor 2 of Tate Modern which were to do with contextual influences and mark making. Most of it was of interest and I took lots of photos. Then I headed back to Euston and the Great Nepalese restaurant (that's it's name - although it does deserve the accolade imho) for tea. And after that I caught the train home. On the journey home, I reflected on what I'd been through - and what I put John through - on my journey along the "gender reassignment pathway". I think he'd be secretly relieved and have a knowing smile on his face. As for me, I've not been more certain I've made the right decision about hardly anything else in my entire life. It's just a shame it took (almost) 6 years of my life and the expense and heartbreak that went along with it to come to a final decision! Now to get on with the rest of my life...
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is leaving CX GIC on good terms. I feel a lot better about things than I did in 2012 that's for sure!