Sunday, 13 December 2015

13th December 2015

Love: as I type, I have Mia on my lap. Sorry to be repetitive but she is the sweetest cat and I love her! :)
Life: I've had a very busy weekend and not much sleep so I'm not going to go into detail but, for a start, I've not had to buy tea at all this weekend but still ate the most gorgeous food! I also had a makeover yesterday and didn't have to pay for that either! I've also done art and a bit more art and claimed the title of artist for myself. But now I'm very tired and going to bed very shortly...
College: not really done much college work this weekend but I've finished off all my sketchbooks this morning. Not quite sure what I'm gonna do Tuesday and Wednesday!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing this weekend is the generosity of my friends. I've been spoilt silly this weekend and much appreciated it! :)