Saturday, 5 December 2015

5th December 2015

Life: I've had a lovely day. :) As I've pretty much done my college work and today was the Intrust Christmas party I decided to do lots of Christmassy stuff today. I got the bus to Liverpool and headed to St Georges Hall for the Winter Craft Fair but I was too early so I went to the library and treated myself to a mocha at their cafe. I then went to the craft fair which was suffering from a lack of signage so I struggled to find my way around. I did eventually find my way to the right bit and had a jolly old gander! :) it was a very impressive selection and I could've spent a fortune if I'd been so inclined! :) After that I wandered into the centre to look at the Christmas markets but was rather disappointed tbh. It was a shadow of itself compared to previous years! :( However, I did treat myself to some Scouse from one of the stalls and very nice it was too! After that I got the train out to Waterloo and wandered up to Caz's Kitchen but they didn't have any Big Love Sista cake as I hoped so I had a cake bomb instead and a cuppa tea. On leaving I bought some mince pies for the Christmas party and wandered over to Waterloo high street where I had another cuppa tea before wandering over to the Christmas party. It was a lovely meet - the Christmas party is always the best meet of the year imho! - but a few of the regulars were much missed. :( After the meeting we went to a Turkish restaurant and had a lovely meal! :) I then got a lift home and proceeded to then do my Christmas cards. :) so I am now rather worn out and ready for bed - provided the wind doesn't keep me up all night again!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is the Winter Arts Fair. I found lots of lovely stalls there today and I'm tempted to go back tomorrow - especially as there's meant to be another 50 different stalls there! :)