Friday, 25 December 2015

25th December 2015

Love: today is the second day running I've felt connected to John. Perhaps that was his Christmas pressie to me?
Life: Mia woke me up at 5am but, it being Christmas, I had charity in my heart so didn't shut her in the kitchen as usual but got up and fed her breakfast. I hope she doesn't expect that every morning! Then I made myself a cup of tea and opened my pressies. I'd told people to donate to good causes but I still had a handsome selection of pressies to open. :) Then I gave Mia her pressies. One was a mouse in a ball - she doesn't normally take to toys, so I was thrilled that she appeared to like this one! Then she realised she couldn't get the mouse out of the ball and lost all interest in it! Try as I might! For my breakfast I made poached egg and black pudding on toast which was lovely! :) I didn't bother with dinner - just stuffed myself on the chocs people had got me! For tea I did my venison with (more) black pudding, sprout, roast spuds, beetroot salad and redcurrant jelly in mulled wine gravy. It was delish! I think it could become my new Christmas tradition! :) For afters I had trifle... followed by Christmas cake and baklava. I have ate very handsomely today! :) Meanwhile, I have watched lots of catch-up telly, Netflix and Amazon. Just a really lovely, chilled, day in all! :)
One Thing: I'm so glad I didn't put any pressure on myself this year to be or do anything! I've made Christmas my own and just had a lovely day in all! This is self-love and it's worked (as it always does)! :)
Addendum: just remembered the funniest thing that happened yesterday: I had Mia on my lap whilst I was scoffing chocolates, when I dropped one and Mia was on it like a shot and, believing chocolate is poisonous to cats, I immediately tried to get it off her but she ran away with it! So I started to panic but she must've tasted the chocolate because she just dropped it. It's reassuring to think that I don't need to worry about her being poisoned - she knows what's good and bad for her. Clever girl! :)