Friday, 18 December 2015

18th December 2015

Life: I have had a lovely day. This morning I met Patricia in Liverpool to watch Star Wars 7. It was a very enjoyable film but I was most upset when Stump the Ewok died as he was by far my favourite! But then I always did like the work of Jim Henson :) Afterwards we went around to Debenhams to look at Christmas presents for Patricia's family and had a cup of tea. After that, we went to Cass Arts and Primark where I bought a Star Wars tshirt - its traditional to watch the film and then buy the tshirt, right? We then went our separate ways and I went to have a massage with Nina. It was so relaxing, I was falling asleep! And my shoulders feel wonderful! :) I then went to Tokyou for tea before coming home and doing very little.
One Thing: I'm being greedy and choosing the whole day because I've loved today! :) It's felt like my birthday a day early! :)