Monday, 28 December 2015

28th December 2015

Love: Mia can be a funny old thing! She came up to me this evening but seemed in two minds whether to sit on my lap or not. So I hugged her to me but she wasn't having any of it, ran away and avoided me the rest of the evening! :(
Life: this morning I met Ali and was treated to a mocha and double chocolate gateaux at Patisserie Valerie. Then we had a potter around the shops but being a student seems to have made me a miser as I was turning my nose up to tops as being too expensive at £20! Then we met Ali's partner, Patrick, and went to Hotel Chocolat's cafe where I was treated again! It was my first time in the cafe and I was shocked to discover they do 100% chocolate! According to Ali though it's not very nice. After we went our separate ways, I got a text from Ian saying he was gonna do my front and back gardens for me this afternoon, so I returned home pronto! (And Ian was true to his word :) ) This evening I've watched lots of catch-up telly again and wrote a new poem called Stargazing.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is spending time with Ali. She's a lovely woman and I really enjoy her company - especially when she keeps treating me to cake! :)