Thursday, 24 December 2015

24th December 2015

Love: it's a beautiful night tonight with the full moon and stars bright in the sky. Seeing that just now made me feel connected to John again - where else would he be, with his fixation on astronomy, but out in space somewhere! It also allowed me to feel his reassurance again to do what I feel to be right; to trust in myself. I guess I have slipped on that score again. No one knows me better than me these days!
Life: this morning I went to get my decapeptyl injection. Such a pain in the arse - especially on Christmas Eve! - but it does help things along. When I got home I got a phonecall to say my glasses are ready already - 3 days after ordering them! - but I couldn't be arsed to go out again, so they'll wait till next week now. This afternoon I painted my paint-it-yourself mug Janette got me for my birthday. It looks so juvenile, it would make Picasso proud! (Artist joke) Then this evening I have watched Amazon. One of the things I watched was Nativity 3: Dude Where's My Donkey? which was positively awful but festive enough to get me in the Christmas spirit.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is giving the house a clean. I can now relax tomorrow in pleasant surroundings instead of my usual filth!