Tuesday, 22 December 2015

22nd December 2015

Life: I wish I could adequately describe how I feel right now. I feel like life is futile. I question what is the point in making the effort. Even knowing people are significantly worse off than me only gives me temporary respite. Meanwhile... This morning I took the car for a free Winter Check and they found nothing that couldn't wait until the annual service next year. Then I dropped some food off at Wirral Foodbank and got a certificate of thanks for it. After that I went into Liverpool to speak to the people at Vodafone about why my Spotify account wasn't working properly. They sorted out the problem pretty pronto. They're good people there. I also paid in a cheque at the bank. I then went to the World Museum to look at an exhibition on Trans armed forces personnel - only to find it was at the Museum of Liverpool! Doh! My only complaint about the exhibition is that I know one of the people it features is a rather unlikeable person. However, it did have some beautiful photographs. Unfortunately, my journey home afterwards was a bit traumatic as my Arriva bus app had stopped working and deleted my term-time ticket so I feared I was stuck in Liverpool! However, I managed to contact them and they explained the servers had gone down and that the bus driver should allow me to travel for free and that my term-ticket would be reinstated in due course. True to their word, the bus driver did let me travel for free but my term-time ticket hasn't reappeared as yet.
One Thing: The one thing I'm choosing today is witnessing a child point at the photographs and say "those are transgender people". When I transitioned in 2010, very few adults knew what "transgender" was - now kids know what the word means! That is progress I'm glad to have made a small part in!