Wednesday, 23 December 2015

23rd December 2015

Love: I've been lucky tonight. I've had Mia come for cuddles not once but twice! It's lovely to feel loved! :)
Life: today I visited Julie to swap Christmas presents. She also gave me my birthday presents whilst I was there. I felt quite spoilt! :) When I got home I decided to play with my marbling paints I bought a fortnight ago. I didn't realise how hard they'd be to clean off! I've ruined a perfectly good bucket and have had to scrub my hands till they're red! I shall definitely use them with more caution in future! This evening, for reasons I can't quite remember, I watched a few YouTube videoes. One featured James Baldwin and William F Buckley and the other two featured Noam Chomsky. I was very impressed by the intelligence on display - and loathed Buckley! However, it has also become apparent to me that these videos of 20-50 years ago show that the situation we are in today has been a long time in coming - a gradual worsening and tightening of the noose. It confirms what I've known for a long time now - that this is no accident; that the general population is fucked! Any power we believe we have is an illusion. We are not the ones in control and the powers that be are intent on keeping it that way. Democracy is a sham! Do I want to live under such conditions? No, I believe I do not. Do I believe I can do anything about it? No, I fear history proves that we the general population can not - especially with a government such as ours that has no intention of ceding power to us and has us under thumb. So what is the solution? The only solution I see is one I'm too scared to take right now. :(
One Thing: The one thing I'm choosing is cuddles with Mia. Not for the first time - not by a long shot! - she's the only reason I'm here typing this.