Saturday, 26 December 2015

26th December 2015

Love: Mia's been off her food today. Dunno quite why. Probably getting fed elsewhere again :(
Life: this morning started with being woken up at 4:30am by Mia. There was no way I was getting up at that time! So I shut her in the kitchen. I'm hoping it'll eventually sink in that I really don't appreciate being woken up before 7am - maybe one day! When I got up proper I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special which I thought was pretty lame! But then the Christmas special nearly always is! Mid-morning I went for a wander into Liscard to get some bananas for my breakfasts next week but the fruit shop was shut and Tesco didn't have any bananas at all! When I got home again, I made myself a corned beef and beetroot salad sarnie for my dinner before watching a load more catch-up telly and Netflix. This evening I wasn't feeling very hungry, having stuffed myself on chocs again, so just had ham on toast and my Christmas pudding with clotted cream (I couldn't afford brandy sauce!). I've still some cream left so I shall look forward to having that on a scone tomorrow. :)
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is living a long way from a river! Watching some of the footage of places flooded out has been pretty hair-raising! I'm almost certain our old house in Hutton will have been flooded out, with that stream right behind it!