Wednesday, 30 December 2015

30th December 2015

Love: I've only been gone a day but I'm missing my Mia already. Thankfully, I have Sonia looking after her for me. Such a weight off my mind knowing she's being kept an eye on. :)
Life: This morning my parents and I went into town to a cafe. They also had a deli part to it and all the cafe fare was homemade. I had a mince pie and tea. It was very nom! :) After that, we wandered around a few shops but only bought a few provisions. It was raining very hard and we got soaked through. So we came home to dry out. This evening we went back into town for a meal at an Indian restaurant. I had Lamb Passanda and homemade blackcurrant ice cream for afters. Again, it was very nom! :)
One Thing: The one thing I'm choosing today is having Sonia look after Mia for me. It's such a weight off my mind! :)