Monday, 21 December 2015

21st December 2015

Love: got depressed about my non-existent love life again tonight. Trouble is I can't really afford time or money for a relationship anyway.
Life: this morning I had a moment of inspiration courtesy of Clare. So I've abandoned my plan to drive all the way to Southport on Christmas Day for a meal out that I can't really afford and bought myself some venison to cook instead. Venison is what John and I would traditionally have on Christmas Day and I've missed it. This will only be my second attempt at cooking it, so I'm quite excited about it. Will it be a disaster or a success? Stay tuned to find out! :) I also went to the Co-Op to spend my annual tokens divvy, with which I bought a bottle of mulled wine and some Thorntons chocolates. :) This morning I also had an eye test at Specsavers and, surprise surprise, my eyesight has got worse and I now need glasses for close and far distances, so I've been persuaded to try verifocals. I hope I get a refund if I don't get on with them! They're costing me £200! Which is yet more proof, as if it were needed, I need to be earning - hopes of living off John's pension are plainly cuckoo! :( This evening I gave Mia her monthly flea treatment. The trouble is she's learned to recognise the smell of the stuff, so she didn't come sit on my lap as usual and I ended up having to distract her with Dreamies whilst I did it! I also watched itv's live production of The Sound Of Music which I really enjoyed - unlike the movie (which I thought was mostly boring!).
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is the moment of inspiration from Clare that Christmas is mine to rewrite. I've been really lucky these last 2 years to spend it with Tony and Julie but now I feel I need to be independent and stand on my own two (wonky) feet.