Wednesday, 16 December 2015

16th December 2015

Love: my lovely Mia has been ever so thoughtful and got me a Christmas present - a dead pigeon, which I found in a heap of feathers in my hall! I'm an ungrateful wretch though because I shoved it in a bin bag as quick as I dared! In fact, I couldn't even bare to touch it even with marigolds on!
College: I arrived at college for just after 8am and had submitted my remaining work by just after 10am. After that I helped Jody out before having a quick lunch and going home (to pigeon surprise!). So that's it now - 3 weeks of boredom and loneliness to look forward to. Hurray!
Life: This afternoon I went to the post office to post my last 2 Christmas cards and then the sorting office to pick up two parcels... except one of them was for someone else at a different address! I do love these dyslexic posties they employ these days! They make life interesting! Then I picked up my prescription on the way home. When I got home I promptly went out again to Gordale. Gordale has become part of my Christmas tradition since I moved here. It's the most Christmassy shop I know and I like to go and browse but it's prices are so ridiculously overpriced that's all I ever do is browse! This evening I watched a documentary on Ray Harryhausen. It was good and rather amusing that all these top notch directors known for drowning every inch of screen in cgi were saying stop animation was so much better! Er, like put your money where your mouth is then!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is Mia's present. It totally freaked me out but it has certainly elevated today out of the ordinary!