Monday, 14 December 2015

14th December 2015

Life: today I had the handyman come to fix the shower screen as it'd started leaking again. It took him all of 30 seconds to do it! And he showed me how to fix it myself if it happens again. He is a really good handyman and I'm so glad Ive found one so thoughtful and helpful. :) After that I wandered into town to pick up a parcel from my parents. I also bought the last of my Christmas presents whilst in town. On getting home I found another delivery card for another parcel to collect! After lunch I did an art journal page in my contextual studies book and wrote out my Christmas cards for college whilst watching The Man In The High Castle on Amazon. This evening I made a soup out of the leftovers from yesterday's roast dinner. It is very nom! :)
One thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is just having a nice relaxing day in which I could potter and do what I wanted. :)