Friday, 4 December 2015

4th December 2015

Love: this morning, to encourage Mia to come for a cuddle before I left for college, I enticed her with some Dreamies. I arrived home from college to find said Dreamies torn open and entire contents scoffed! Obviously I must've left them on the sofa when I went off to college! And the cheeky thing still wanted tea this evening! :D
College: This morning I took a load of my artwork in to college to try and convince my lecturer to put me forward for the fine art course at Liverpool Hope. She argued the case that I'm better suited to graphics and illustration. So I argued my case - that I wanted to do stuff that allowed me to experiment and express myself and that I love collage. To which she responded by taking me to the graphics studio - with its walls covered with collage! Which was pretty much all I needed to convince me to stay there and do graphics! :) But just to be sure and settle any remaining doubts I'm hoping to meet with the lecturer, Shirley, next week. :) Other pluses include automatic acceptance onto the course at the end of the year, not having to put a portfolio together over Christmas for interview and it being £1000 cheaper than Liverpool Hope. After meeting with my tutor, I then pretty much finished off my final fashion illustration, did my final make-up design (which I intended to just be a final practice before I did it for real next week but it went so well I asked if I could submit it for my final and she accepted! :) ), and then Patricia and I finished off our filming for our media project (which will now need to be edited together next week). It was a very productive day in all! :)
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is having a meeting with my tutor this morning. It kind of feels like what I wished and hoped for is coming true - but not quite as I imagined it! Which is almost even better! :)