Monday, 14 September 2015

14th September 2015

Love: I seem to have got stuck in my 'If The Buddha Dated' book at the bit where I'm supposed to define the kind of person I'm interested in. I'm reluctant to do it, which to me suggests that I'm not really ready to move on and find another partner yet. It's good that I know that now because it wouldn't be fair to start dating when I wasn't really emotionally ready for it.
Life: after work I came home for a quick lunch and watched An Inspector Calls on BBC iPlayer. I was struck by how pertinent this ages old play still is! Things really don't seem to change much! :( Then I headed into Liverpool for the Big Love Sistas briefing via a quick pop into The Works for art stuff for heArt School. Unfortunately, on arriving at the studio for the briefing, I discovered it locked. Looking at the reminder in my phone, I realised the meeting was taking place at KYM in Knowsley!! So, cursing myself, I got back on the train to return home, hop into my car and head out to Knowsley and, to make matters worse, rush hour was just beginning! So I arrived at KYM not in the best frame of mind to be discussing travelling expenses and the like! The moral of the story is 'look where your meant to be going before setting off!'. Fortunately, when I got home, it was a quick tea courtesy of the meat and veg I'd put in the slow cooker this morning and then a couple of documentaries on ballet on the iPlayer (It was John who got me into ballet - he was a big fan of Matthew Bourne in particular) before coming to bed.
Career: this morning Kirsteen was telling me about a website that she got a social media job with. It set a lightbulb off in my head - how many times have I said in this blog that the only thing wrong with my job is that I no longer get paid for it?!! I dunno why but I'd never thought of looking for a job in social media before! Doh! So I had a look on the website Kirsteen mentioned but I couldn't find anything in social media, so I had a quick search on Indeed and found three in particular that I want to apply for - One for an organisation that supports people with disabilities that I really really want to apply for! Unfortunately, I'm too tired to apply for them tonight but I've not been this enthusiastic about job searching for ages! :)
One Thing: the one thing that has made today a day worth living is getting enthusiastic about job searching again. Job searching is a thankless task - especially in this climate - so without the enthusiasm to do it, it becomes next to impossible (which is why I took 'early retirement' in July). Hopefully, I can make this enthusiasm pay off with a new, paid for, job. :)