Wednesday, 9 September 2015

9th September 2015

Love: one of the things that troubles me is how little of my life with John I remember. However, this evening I have started writing more of my autobiography and it's surprising how much of it is coming back to me. If I do this autobiography for no other reason, I must do it to remember my days with John!
Life: this afternoon I created another painting. As I said in a previous blog, my previous painting really didn't turn out as I wanted but, reflecting on it as I have since, I realise I learned a considerable amount doing it. I was able to put some of that into practice with today's painting and it turned out pretty much as I intended. :) The rest of the day has been spent watching Netflix and writing my autobiography.
Career: as Dom was in today, Rachel pulled us all together for a briefing on what she intends to do with the health and wellbeing project she's now in charge of. As usual when someone takes over, she has her own ideas of how she wants to do things. I'm quite hopeful for it.
One Thing: the one thing that has made today a day worth living is having my memories about my time with John come back. It is upsetting that I can't remember our life together, so I am really happy that I've managed to stop prevaricating and apply myself in writing about it. I'm very relieved too. :)