Saturday, 5 September 2015

5th September 2015

Love: It is my experience that love does not die with a person. Love lives for as long as people love. So if any future partners are expecting me not to love John any more, they're going to be disappointed. Similarly, bad mouthing him will not endear me to them or turn me against John. That said, I know there is a yearning in my heart to love another. At the moment that yearning is largely fulfilled by Mia. So, looking at it with a degree of detachment, it's gonna have to be someone pretty special to cram their way into my heart beside John and Mia. I have yet to meet that special person but I have hopes that I will someday soon. :)
Life: today I did a bit more weeding and planted some daffodils in the front. Time will tell how that turns out! In the afternoon I went to InTrust and it was a really good turn out, which was lovely to see. We also had a moment of reflection and celebration for Helen who died the other week. After the meeting I drove over to HobbyCraft at Aintree for a canvas for my next heArt School lesson. Then I came home and had tea, watched Netflix and wrote a poem about 'the first day back at school'.
One Thing: The one thing that has made today a day worth living was meeting up with friends and new folk at the InTrust meeting. As a single woman/widow/Trans person it is too easy to become isolated. So it is good to meet with people - especially if you swap information about what is going on, as happened today.