Sunday, 20 September 2015

20th September 2015

Love: Today was flea treatment day for Mia. As usual she looked like I'd done the most evil thing to her and shunned me the rest of the night. It makes me feel very lonely when she shuns me. :( I'm sure it'll all be forgotten by the morning though when she wants feeding again.
Life: Over breakfast I watched Doctor Who (its back). It made me gasp in awe and wonder several times. It was quite a cut up from the usual opening episodes! :) Then I Henry'd and Mia scarpered as usual (not a good day for her in all - today was grooming day as well!). After lunch I tried a test piece for my art lesson at the end of the month. Although the results were good, I decided it wasn't involving enough for a 2 hour lesson so I'm going to do mosaics instead. The rest of the day was watching Netflix.
One Thing: Oddly enough, I think I'm going to pick Henrying the house. It's much nicer living in a clean house than one with cat hair and mud throughout it! It helps for a peaceful mind. :)