Sunday, 6 September 2015

6th September 2015

Love: I read a bit more of 'If The Buddha Dated' this evening. It's quite illuminating. I'm glad Clare recommended it to me. I'm at the bit where I now have to determine what I want in a partner.
Life: today I did a bit more of my laundry and decided to try some abstract painting on a spare canvas I had. It was one of those things where I should've left it alone as I was most happiest with the first thing I did with it but I then went to add a bit and it went wrong and the more I tried to correct it the worst it got! So I let it dry and painted a flower on it which really didn't come out as well as I intended! So I ended up spending hours messing with this painting which I really wasn't happy with and so vented my frustration on the painting! I'm thinking of entitling it 'an artist's frustrations'! For tea I made mince and mash before settling down to some Netflix and watched an old Michael Caine movie called Flawless which I would call quaint but touching.
One Thing: the one thing that has made today a day worth living is remembering to treat myself like a friend. I really wasn't happy with my painting today and so I slagged it off. Then, this evening, I thought "I wouldn't say that if a friend had painted it. So why am I saying it about myself?". It's true, we are our own worst critics. But we need to lighten up and become our own best friends instead.