Tuesday, 15 September 2015

15th September 2015

Love: Mia has inspired two moments of creativity today. This morning I sang "there's a pussycat, somewhere a pussycat" to the tune of Somewhere from West Side Story. Then, after watching her chase a spider around the lounge this evening, the rhyme "incey wincey spider, Mia wants you inside her. So you better watch out or I have no doubt you'll be meeting the four horse riders!" popped into my head! :)
Life: After work I did an abstract canvas for Free Art Friday before having tea. Then I went to choir but, as I have a cold, I didn't last longer than the warm ups! So I had to sit it out tonight but doing so meant I was able to hear it as an audience member might and, even if I do say so, we are fab! :) I can't wait till we take it out into the community! :)
Career: I was downhearted today because, when I rang up to enquire, all three social media jobs I was interested in yesterday had gone! Obviously Indeed need to update their website more often! And I don't thank the universe for dangling that carrot in front of my nose either!
One Thing: the one thing that has made today a day worth living is being at choir again. I'd missed it these last three weeks and it was fab to be there again, enjoying the sistahood, and, as I said, having to sit out meant I got to hear how fab we sound! :)