Friday, 25 September 2015

25th September 2015

Life: so today I went for an interview at Hugh Baird College for an Art & Design Degree. The tutor, Donna, was lovely and seemed impressed with the work I showed her (even saying at one point "you're gonna go far" which was lovely of her! :) ) and offered me a place. So I shall be starting at 11am on Tuesday - starting to put right one of the worst decisions I ever made! I really can't believe this is happening after all this time! I'm flip flopping between thinking "what the FUCK am I doing?!!" and wanting to do a happy dance! :)
Love: I'm really impressed with the support (emotional, material and financial (although I don't qualify for the financial bit)) the college is offering! It really helped calm my nerves this evening reading what they offer! It certainly puts ol' Reading college in the shade! :)
Career: so, having been offered a place at college, I sent an email to CAW informing them I shan't be volunteering there any more. I've really enjoyed being there these past 21 months and couldn't have wished to work with a nicer bunch of people! As such, I hope to go in sometime and say goodbye properly.
One Thing: really not a hard decision today! The one thing I'm choosing is being offered a lifeline to getting my career back on track by starting my degree next week. :)