Monday, 7 September 2015

7th September 2015

Love: I have a nightly routine for Mia - as I go to bed, she dashes into the kitchen. As I don't want any strays in my house over night, I need to shut the kitchen door. So not to shut Mia in the kitchen all night, I have to coax her out of the kitchen. That means bribing her with Dreamies and shutting the door behind her. Every night. She does it deliberately, I'm sure of it! :)
Life: I couldn't believe David Cameron's response to the refugee crisis today - what kind of arsehat thinks the way to solve a crisis caused by war is to wage more war?!! And 20,000 over 5 years?!! That's like saying, "yeah, I know you're in danger of your life right now but, if you're still alive in 5 years, I might help you!". The man could play the tin man, scarecrow AND the lion in the Wizard of Oz as he's no brain, no heart and no courage either! Anyway... today, after work, I popped into town for some food and also had a look in a new alternative clothing store that had opened (which was a total waste of time!) before coming home to lunch, Netflix and assessing the latest fuel and Internet offers (I'm sticking with what I've got). Then I did tea and watched more Netflix and had a look at WEA courses (I'm not bothering).
Career: today was the first day back since Ali leaving and I arrived to find a tube of Smarties, a box of Heroes and a thank you card from her. I was stunned! I don't know what I've done to deserve it but it was a lovely thing for her to do! :)
One Thing: the one thing that has made today a day worth living is getting the pressies from Ali. It's lovely to feel appreciated even if I don't quite know why! :)