Saturday, 19 September 2015

19th September 2015

Love: When I bought my books on mental wellbeing, I expected me to suddenly become this disciple and single-mindedly aim towards spiritual growth. Predictably, that hasn't happened. But they are on hand to dip into when I'm feeling low. Today I had a look at my Lonely Planet little book of Happy and reconciled that I was making myself miserable by worrying too much about my future. So, instead, I decided to fuck the long term plan and live in the moment. As a result, my afternoon and evening were a lot happier than my morning.
Life: this afternoon I went into Liverpool and went to the Tate to see the Jackson Pollock exhibition. Whilst I was there, I naturally had a look at the other floors of the gallery and I much preferred what I saw today than I did earlier in the summer! I was even inspired to create a piece in my art journal when I got home! Whilst I was down at the docks, I also popped into the Liverpool Museum and went upto the top floor to look at the Wondrous Place exhibit - mostly to see The Beatles exhibits. I was taken aback to see actual clothing that The Beatles had worn! However, what moved me the most was the writers part of the exhibition. I suddenly remembered that I live next door to this fabulous city that produced such fabulous writers like Alan Bleasdale, Jimmy McGovern, Willy Russell (my favourite playwright of all time!) and The Mersey Beat poets! That's some illustrious company to be in! Best of all, it helped me recognise the one thing they had in common - they had something they were passionate about that they wanted to communicate to other people. I think that's where I've been going wrong these past few months - and probably why I've 'dried' - I've lost sight of what my passions are and it's all become a bit muddled in my head. I need to bring it back into focus and work on communicating it to others. Anyway, as I was leaving The Tate, I got a phonecall from Pauline to say she and Sonia were coming into town. So I arranged to meet them at The Walker Gallery and then we had a wander around that. So that was my third bit of culture for the day! However, I'm not really a fan of the art in The Walker so I was quite glad it was only a quick look. We then went to Patisserie Valerie where I used some more of my Love 2 Shop vouchers before we went our separate ways and I came home. Then, this evening, I did my art journal piece and watched two episodes of Question Time back to back as they featured Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. I can't say either greatly enthused me. It's early days yet but, as much as I appreciate the down-to-earth style, I feel they need to up their game and hold court a lot more effectively.
One Thing: the one thing that made today a day worth living is reading my little book of Happy. It transformed my day and, who knows, maybe much longer! If I spend all my savings in the next couple of years then I'll deal with it then but there's little point in making myself miserable by worrying about it now! If the worst does happen, being miserable now is only prolonging the misery! So it makes sense to, at the very least, be happy now! Besides, I should have a little more confidence in myself and know I'm not going to go mad with my money! I've never been that way inclined with money, so why would I start now?!!