Tuesday, 29 September 2015

29th September 2015

Love: I've seen very little of Mia today. I've probably only spent about 3hrs with her all day! So when I got home this evening she was seeking attention. Poor neglected pussycat! :(
College: today has been non-stop. I started the morning by doing a project for college that involved stuffing a matchbox with as many different items as possible. I managed 91 but the record is over 100! Then I went to college and Patricia has been very kind to me, looking after me all day. :) The first class was a tutorial and it was quite hectic with everyone talking over each other and trying to grasp what was going on. Then we went for lunch before a lesson which explained the fundamentals of drawing. I did this decades ago! So it was really good to do it again and be reminded what I'd forgotten! :) I also bashed together a weave which I now have to do a line and tonal drawing of. Can't say I'm looking forward to that! I don't have fond memories of tonal drawings! Then it was a quick break before graphics lesson with Mark. Mark is a really good teacher (having done PTLLS and still wanting to progress my teaching career, it was really useful to observe his methods of keeping control of a class without sapping its energy). In fact, my personal tutor, Donna, is also a really good tutor but in a completely different way to Mark! I know it's only the first day but already the two tutors I've had today are infinitely better than all the tutors I had at Reading put together! No wonder the college is so highly rated! :)
Life: After college I had to hot foot it over to Knowsley for the Circles launch. It was a manic event and after such a full on day at college, I found it hard to cope with at times. In fact, at one point, I thought to myself "if my lot are as unruly as this, you can forget it!".
One Thing: I loved college today but I'm gonna choose Patricia as making the difference today. It's not easy to start college - especially 2 weeks late! - where you don't know anyone or where you're meant to be at any given time or what you're meant to be doing! So it was really lovely of Patricia to take such good care of me today! It really helped calm my nerves and I managed to avoid having any panic attacks! This is what sistahood is all about! :)