Monday, 28 September 2015

28th September 2015

Love: on the bus today a girl got on that I fancied as soon as I saw her. She wasn't at all what I thought was my type. She was feminine with long brown hair. However, what I spent most of the bus journey pondering was whether it was right/OK to fancy a girl young enough to be my daughter!
Life: of late I've been thinking one of my bestest friends doesn't like me. I've tried to counter this by thinking "you can't please all the people all the time" and "it's her problem if she doesn't like you" but it hasn't really worked. Then today I thought "she's allowed to not like you, you know!" and that did the trick! A lot of life's problems can be solved simply by changing how you think about them! Anyway... the day started after breakfast by popping into CAW to say goodbye to folk and collect my stuff. Then I popped to the dentist to change my appointment so it didn't clash with college. Then I popped to the local craft shop to buy stuff for college but they didn't have any of it, so I caught the bus to Liverpool. Whilst on the bus I had another think about how I'm gonna travel to college. I'd previously done some quick maths and reckoned travelling by car would be the cheapest option. However, whilst on the bus it dawned on me that a term time ticket that offers unlimited travel across the north west was a no brainer! So, once I have my student ID, I'll be getting a student bus pass. Whether I end up selling my car now rests entirely on how desperate for money I get! Anyway... once in Liverpool, I got the stuff I needed for college and came home again. After lunch, I watched This Is England 90 and had more of Saturday's leftovers for my tea before using my day saver bus ticket to travel back into Liverpool for the Leaders Circle at Lush Spa. I don't really consider myself a leader so I felt a bit of a fraud but, it didn't really matter, because I'd come for the Lush goodies and everyone else made me feel more than welcome anyway! So by the end of it I was feeling very blissful and loved up! :)
Career: starting tomorrow, this section shall be retitled 'College'.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is having a rethink about the cost of bus travel. Unlimited bus travel across the north west really is a no brainer! Doh! :)