Monday, 10 August 2015

10th August 2015

Love: That's it. I've given it one last shot and put my cards on the table. I now leave it in the universe's capable hands. If this fails, I truly have to move on.
Life: This afternoon I went for a drive. I went nowhere in particular and no more than 20 miles away from Liverpool but I was still out for almost 5 hours! Largely because it took almost 2 hours to get from the edge of Liverpool back home! I hope the traffic is considerably better than that the next two days I'm in Knowsley! When I got in, I made a quick chicken domburi and have used the leftover rice to make some veg sushi for tomorrow's tea. :)
Career: as I'm Circle training the next two days, today was my only day at work. It was a pleasure as always - I do work with a fabulous bunch of people! :) And I have scheduled the rest of the week's updates to post in my absence.