Monday, 31 August 2015

31st August 2015

Love: I think tonight must be date night for Mia. She spent a good 15 minutes cleaning herself - behind her ears, her face, everything! It was quite fascinating to watch! And then she promptly went out! :D
Life: I took Amore to the station this morning. The plan was to then go on to Sefton Park for the Liverpool International Music Festival but, as the first act I wanted to see wasn't until 5:50pm and my finances were pressing me to sort them out, I came home. After lunch I did my finances and saw the full horror. It's just as well the rest of the year should be relatively quiet now - well, apart from the Mermaid retreat, my birthday and Christmas anyway! - because I can't afford to spend money like that any more! After tea I finished off the mini canvas I started at heArt School yesterday. It's called "Seek And You Shall Find" ...And I didn't go to LIMF.
One Thing: I think the one thing that has made today worth living is listening to my body and not going to LIMF. I'd been waiting months to see Rae Morris, Laura Mvula and Echo And The Bunnymen but I was just too tired and instead of pushing myself to go, I realised it was better to rest at home instead of go to a concert I'd be too tired to enjoy, get fed up and come home upset from. I'm glad I'm not giving myself a hard time about this too. It's a sign, I think, I'm realising the importance of rest.