Tuesday, 18 August 2015

18th August 2015

Love: Today I have indulged in some self-love. I am a firm believer that, if you can't love yourself, then it's wrong to expect anyone else to.
Life: my self-love involved a massage, choir and two doses of coffee and cake! All of them were fabulous and made me feel GOOOOD!! :) I also got rung by my GIC today and now finally have a date for my next appointment! ...in January!
Career: my first dose of coffee and cake came courtesy of my work colleague. How many jobs treat you to coffee and cake?!! I mean, honestly, how lucky am I?!! Otherwise, work involved tweeting and Facebooking as usual. :)
Suicidal: today's selection from Kate Bornstein's book, Hello Cruel World, of something to do other than committing suicide is: "trash your preference files and reboot". Note your daily habits that you do without really thinking about them. Write a list of your top ten things you think about without really meaning to. Then 'detox' - go cold turkey on all distractions (eg telly, radio, Internet, phone, etc) for 3 days. Form new habits and new things to think about. Become aware of these new habits and thoughts. Then carry on doing the new stuff or 'reinstall' the old stuff as you see fit.