Wednesday, 19 August 2015

19th August 2015

Love: Only 4 months now until my birthday. That's only 4 months to show how much you love me by buying me something really really expensive! And, trust me, I do judge how much you love me by how much you spent on me! So make it a really really REALLY expensive present won't you!
Life: This afternoon I learned my good friend, Helen, from InTrust has a massive blood clot on her brain and is unlikely to pull through. :( For whatever reason there seems to be a lot of good people - friends, and friends of friends - dying all very close to each other at the moment. It's really wearing me quite thin so this afternoon I art journaled about it. Art journaling has been very helpful to me in giving me a release for emotional stuff I find hard to handle. I really am very lucky to have it in my life. I am also very lucky to have Mia in my life but tonight I think she must be having a night on the town or something! No doubt she'll retun home in the early hours stinking of booze and making a racket! I hate it when she does that! It's very inconsiderate to those of us who don't have to work in the morning!
Career: Today was more of the same. But I enjoy it and that's the main thing. :)
Suicidal: tonight's selection from Kate Bornstein's book, Hello Cruel World, of something to do other than commit suicide is: "Practice, practice, practice". Do stuff until you're good at it. Do stuff you're good at doing until you're better at it. Notice the difference between the way you tackle stuff you're crap at and the stuff you're good at and the stuff you're better at. Try to tackle at least one new thing like you're a pro at it every day until you're a pro at it! Then take it all to the next level - aim for perfection!