Sunday, 23 August 2015

23rd August 2015

Love: I've had a lovely weekend in North Wales with my friend Leesa and her pets. The dog, Basil, is a large and heavy dog but such a softy! I quite adore him! The cat, on the other hand, wanted to share my bed and wasn't best pleased that I shooed her away. And then I came home to my cat, Mia, who as I type is scratching at my bedroom door wanting to come in! What is it with cats wanting to steal my bed?!! :)
Life: I arrived at Leesa's house at the foothills of Snowdonia on Friday afternoon. As I said I wanted to see the fabulous scenery, we took Basil for a walk along a lake and the view was just stunning - despite the mist and rain! When we got back, Leesa cooked a ham in ginger which was just delicious! Leesa is an amazing cook and I felt quite spoiled! :) On Saturday we took Basil for a quick walk up the hill behind Leesa's house to get the vantage point of the view from the top. Again, the view was just jaw dropping! I've felt like Snowdonia was my spiritual home - despite me being Cornish - for quite some time and this just confirmed it for me! :) Then we went for a drive around Anglesea and visited the place with the really long name, Beaumaris (which has a fabulous ice cream shop :) ) and Red Wharf Bay. Again the views were quite spectacular! :) Then, for tea, Leesa cooked the scrummiest pasta with muscles! As I said, I was quite spoilt this weekend! :) Today, we headed for the beach at Llanfairfechan and Basil quite enjoyed himself running around on the beach before we got soaked by a very brief but heavy shower. We then headed to Penmaenmawr and had dinner at an inn there. I had the roast pork which was just delicious! I really have been spoilt for food this weekend! :) Then it was sadly time for me to head home. But I have thoroughly enjoyed myself this weekend! Thanks to Leesa and Basil and the cat for putting up with me. It was quite magical! :)
Suicidal: My friend Helen died last week. After the weeks of deaths of friends and friends of friends, this was 'the straw that broke the camel's back'. So I found myself talking myself into not committing suicide - a state of affairs I thought I'd been fortunate enough to put behind me. It wasn't so. So tonight's something to do other than commit suicide doesn't come from Kate Bornstein's book, Hello Cruel World, but is a lot more personal - "get drunk". People might tell you getting drunk doesn't solve anything! They're wrong! Getting drunk solved the problem of me staying alive Thursday night! Sure, the underlying problem of not being able to cope with loads of deaths in a short space of time still exists but at least I'm still alive to do so! Getting drunk Thursday night made that possible!