Thursday, 6 August 2015

6th August 2015

Love: after not writing anything for ages, this morning I managed to write perhaps one of the best pieces I have ever written. It is always troubling when your muse takes a vacation as you don't know when or even if it will come back! The piece I wrote is called My Vagina Monologue and it was inspired by watching The Vagina Monologues yesterday.
Life: After a year of it sitting in the shed, I finally got my awning attached to my house today! It looks fab and has cleared some space in my shed for my bike. Now all I have to do is take advantage of it! This afternoon I also watched a film by Cirque du Soleil. People have raved about them for years but I'd never seen them. What they do is quite spectacular and very skilful! Having nothing for breakfast in the morning, I did the weekly shop this evening. I know! On a Thursday! How will the world cope?!!
STOP PRESS: I just checked my email and my MP is gonna chase CX GIC up about my cancelled appointment! Yay!! :)