Tuesday, 11 August 2015

11th August 2015

Love: I am grateful for my Sistas love. It has made the world of difference to me this past year and a bit! Even now, when life is considerably better, I truly appreciate the freely offered and generous amounts of love that comes my way. I wish everybody were able to experience that but, sadly, I know they do not. Perhaps, to address the balance, we could all open our hearts a little bit and offer love freely and generously? Wouldn't that make this world a little less cruel? I think so.
Life: today I have been tired and emotional. Tired because I've been awake since 3:30am and emotional because a lot of good people - friends of friends - seem to be dying at the minute. This world is incredibly cruel and I don't blame people for giving up but I want them more than anything to know that happiness is worth going through hell for! Today I also attended a day of Circle training. I learned loads and I hope I will retain most of it, despite my tiredness! I ended the day with my weekly dose of choir practice. I'm glad I went because it really lifted my mood - if even for just a little while. I love it week after week! :)
Career: I don't know.
Suicide: from here on in, unless Kate Bornstein says otherwise, I'm going to be sharing one of the 101 things Kate says in her book, Hello Cruel World, you should do instead of commuting suicide. Today it's 'Keep Moving'. Move about. Do an activity. Make yourself a moving target. Don't let the grass grow under your feet. Go down the shops and buy Kate's book.