Monday, 17 August 2015

17th August 2015

Love: Today is black cat appreciation day. Apparently, black cats are always the ones left behind at shelters. People think this is because of superstition. I think it's also to do with racism. When you're brought up in a culture that dictates that black = bad, it's pretty hard to shake it off - even when it applies to cats! As all those that know her, my cat, Mia, is black and white. So I've only half appreciated her today. The other half will have to wait until white cat appreciation day. When is white cat appreciation day??
Life: After I got home from work, I had the cold left over pizza for my dinner, surfed Facebook and watched some stuff on BBC iPlayer. Then I decided today would be the day I'd start my autobiography. I've decided to do it as a series of essays and the one I wrote today was on labels.
Career: today did not start well. As part of my job, I was due to have smoking cessation training at the health centre just up the road from me. When I got there, though, no one knew the first thing about it and I got rather worked up about being sent to the wrong place. So I sodded it off and went to work instead. When I got to work, however, I discovered an email sent on Friday (I don't work Fridays) 'confirming' it for a completely different place than they stated in the first email! I was/am not best pleased! The rest of my time at work this morning was spent posting on Facebook and Twitter. I like this job and think it could only get better if they paid me for it! :)
Suicidal: Today's suggestion from Kate Bornstein's book, Hello Cruel World, for something to do other than commit suicide is: "Just Say No". Refuse to do the expected - especially when the expected doesn't fit your needs. If someone hits you and expects you to hide away in fear, say "no. I will not hide away in fear". If someone expects you to put them before yourself, say "no. I'm putting myself first because that's what is called self-love". If you can't say no, just say nothing and do as you please. Or maybe get a big strong person to say no for you?? Life's too short to be saying yes to everything and the stress of trying will kill you. So say no to at least 99% of it. That way 99% of your life will be left for doing things that aren't stressful. You know it makes sense!