Wednesday, 26 August 2015

26th August 2015

Love: Today I have been loving the noises Mia makes: The loudness of her purr when I'm stroking her, the call and response we can keep going for minutes on end, and, just before I came to bed, the joyful meow she made as I put some Dreamies out for her. She's an amazing creature and I love her to death! :)
Life: This afternoon I have got up to date with all the BBC programs I wanted to watch on iPlayer, surfed Facebook and listened to Part 1 of Elloa Atkinskon's Wide Open Way Masterclass which I found really powerful and thoroughly recommend.
Career: today I was back at work Facebooking and Tweeting. I also had a look at an apprenticeship opportunity for a media assistant with the Roy Castle Foundation and, once I convinced myself a 42 year old could still be an apprentice, I looked at the application form, got overwhelmed and gave up. :( So I'm still clearly not in a good place on that score.
One Thing: Instead of intruding on the copyright of Kate Bornstein's book, Hello Cruel World, and expecting myself to carry that book with me wherever I go, I'm just gonna say buy her book! ...and change tact slightly and recount the one thing that, if you took everything else away, made the day worth living. Today it's listening to Part 1 of The Wide Open Way Masterclass. It really was powerful! So what about you? What's the one thing that made today worth living for you? It doesn't have to be something lovey dovey - it can be anything! It might even be something along the lines of "if I achieved nothing else today, at least I told that Claire what a stupid bitch she is!". :)