Sunday, 30 August 2015

30th August 2015

Love: I find myself becoming a lot more relaxed about finding myself a partner these days. If it's meant to be then it's meant to be but I like my life enough, I think, that I don't feel any great need to change it. :)
Life: Today was my first lesson at heArt School. Today's class was entitled Viva la Vulva and we were to paint a giant painting of our vulvas. We were invited to be irreverent but, even so, when I saw what today's class was about a few months back it filled me with dread! How was I supposed to paint something I'd never had a relationship with or even knew what one looked like?!! So I did some of the research recommended by Clare (our teacher) and discovered The Vagina Monologues which just blew me away! I was totally inspired and wrote my own Vagina Monologue! So before I turned up at class today, I had the concept of my vagina breaking out of a prison. However, as things turned out, it became a lot more abstract than that. It was great to just go with it and not get too bogged down with what it should be. However, I still have some work to do to ditch my original vision and work with what I have. It'll take time but I'm quite confident that I'll get there. :) Once Amore and I got home, we had tea and watched Open Doors on Netflix. Then I came to bed.
One Thing: The one thing that made today a day worth living was being in the moment with my painting. I think life feels a lot more liberating when you can ditch past and future and just be in the present. :)