Saturday, 8 August 2015

8th August 2015

Love: The weather doesn't half make a difference to one's mood! Today has been gloriously sunny! Such a contrast to last weekend! It was a pleasure to get the shades out for a change! I absolutely loved it! :)
Life: Today Big Love Sista were at the Pier Head, Liverpool for the Liverpool Loves festival! We held a circle this morning, promoting what we do and then, this afternoon, we held a choir workshop and absolutely packed out the huge tent we were in! It was awesome to see so many people there! :) In between times, Julie and I did the Transgender Family Support Group. I really enjoyed Julie's company today (not only cos she lent me the money for a pot of carrot chutney from a food stall at the festival!). We were both in really good spirits! It was fabulous! :) It was also fab to meet up with other members of BLS: Clare, Patricia, Helen and Michelle (who I hadn't seen for ages!) and, of course, our choir mistress, Hayli. Such a great day! :)